‘The Battle of Ayodhya’ shows the truth of the struggle to build Ram temple! Watch Now

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A grand temple of Ramlala has been built in Ayodhya. Child Raghav is sitting in it. On January 22, the entire country witnessed the grand ceremony of Ramlala Pran Pratishtha.

The devotees are emotional after seeing the beautiful idol of Ramlala and the celebrations are still going on. But, there is a long history of struggle behind the construction of this temple of Lord Shri Ram.

The wait of 500 years, bullets on kar sevaks and politics and many other aspects are in the past. If you want to come face to face with them then definitely watch the documentary series ‘The Battle of Ayodhya‘. This series, made under the direction of Kushal Srivastava, has been released.

This historic docuseries delves into the rich tapestry of one of India’s most significant and deeply rooted historical events, presenting a vivid and insightful portrayal of the legendary Battle of Ayodhya. The documentary series explores the Ayodhya Ram Temple and Babri Mosque conflict in the most objective manner, free from any form of bias.

Vedshaala, by Sarit Agarwal, known for its meticulous research and compelling storytelling, brings to life the events leading up to the battle, the characters involved, and the aftermath, presenting a comprehensive and nuanced perspective on this pivotal moment in Indian history.

The docuseries comprises multiple episodes, each meticulously crafted to provide a detailed and immersive experience for viewers. From the political intrigues that set the stage for the conflict to the gripping tales of valor on the battlefield, “The Battle of Ayodhya” weaves together a narrative that is as enlightening as it is enthralling.

The series ‘The Battle of Ayodhya‘ has been released on YouTube channel Vedshaala. It is directed by Air Force officer turned filmmaker Kushal Srivastava. After the inauguration of Ram Mandir, this five episode series is now in front of the audience.

The series exposes the untold truth behind the Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid controversy. This series throws light on unheard stories. It is made under the banner of Flying Dreams Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Before directing this docu-series, Kushal Srivastava has directed films like KK Menon starrer ‘Vodka Diaries‘, Kalki Kekalan’s ‘The Job‘ and Shreyas Talpade’s ‘Speed Dial‘. His new series shows the struggle that lasted for 500 years in Ayodhya.

It can also be seen how the temple movement challenged India’s judicial system, politics, culture and socio-economic fabric and at the same time how much it connected the souls of Indians and Ram devotees.

The response to the docuseries has been overwhelmingly positive, with viewers praising Vedshaala for bringing history to life in a way that is both informative and engaging. The YouTube comments section is flooded with expressions of gratitude from audiences across the globe.

Regarding this series, Kushal says, ‘Inspired by extensive research, never-before-seen records and direct experiences of prominent personalities, this docu-series delves deep into the struggle for Ayodhya Ram Temple and Babri Masjid.

This docu-series features Ravi Shankar Prasad (former Union Minister of Law and Justice), Rahul Srivastava (journalist and commentator), Vinay Katiyar (founder of Bajrang Dal), Ranjana Agnihotri (senior advocate), Iqbal Ansari (lead litigant in the case), Acharya Includes testimonies from Satyendra Das (chief priest of Ram temple), KK Muhammad (archaeologist) and many other high-profile personalities. Produced by Sarit Aggarwal and Kushal Srivastava, this documentary has been shot in Ayodhya, Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai.

It connects deeply with the soul of every Indian and opens the pages of a decisive chapter in the history of the nation.

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