Rajkumar Hirani ventures into OTT with Vikrant Massey

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With a forthcoming over-the-top (OTT) program that will feature the amazing Vikrant Massey, the renowned Bollywood filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani is making his debut in the digital sphere.

The 61-year-old director, who had just finished directing the film “Dunkirk,” which starred Shah Rukh Khan, expressed his delight about the project and said that it would be made accessible on Disney Hotstar.

To highlight the extent of his engagement in the creative process, Hirani has decided to step aside from his responsibilities as a filmmaker and instead take on the position of showrunner for the future season.

When asked about the program, he emphasized his contentment with the screenplay as well as the general development, underlining the fact that it is a project that is very near to his heart.

I am quite pleased with the writing and the way it has turned out, and this is something that I am very delighted with. During an interview, Hirani disclosed that she is actively engaged in the production of this program and that it takes place in her own space.

Known for his classic slice-of-life films such as the “Munnabhai” trilogy, “3 Idiots,” “PK,” and the biographical “Sanju,” Hirani also said that he has a handful of ideas for feature films that he is considering for future projects.

As a result of the lockdown period that was enforced as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, he was able to devote time to the creation of scripts. Fortunately, COVID-19 provided us with the opportunity to relax at home and continue working on scripts.

At this moment, I am working on more screenplays, and in about a month, we will begin making decisions on where we will go,” he stated.

As Hirani reflected on his remarkable career, he expressed thanks for the ongoing influence of his first picture, which continues to connect with viewers twenty years after it was initially released. At this moment, I am filled with thankfulness for life.

No one anticipated that people would still be discussing movies that were released twenty years ago. The vocabulary and the conversations will remain ingrained in the minds of those of this age.

And you will continue to encounter memes. Although Hirani acknowledged the enduring cultural value of his work, he offered his thoughts.

Even though fans are anxiously anticipating Hirani’s entry into the digital sphere with Vikrant Massey at his side, the director’s dedication to the art of storytelling and screenplay development guarantees that his creative journey in the world of entertainment will continue to progress.

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