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There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend. Besides tail wagging and chasing the occasional squirrel, your dog’s most important pastime is filling your life with laughter and your heart with love.

For a long time, Puplords Barkery is bringing together all of our favorite things for your barking friends in Mumbai. Puplords Barkery was started by Gaargi Prehar with a single vision, that is to provide healthy gourmet treats for dogs and other pets. It was built on a strong foundation of creating only the highest quality, all-natural and healthy treats.

The barkery is located in Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai and they specialise in treats for dogs, cats and other pets. Owner Gaargi Prehar who is an MBA graduate from Paris said, that she discovered the love for this business when she started baking cakes and other treats for her gluten-allergic puppy.



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***Long post alert*** Hello everyone, here is the team of Puplord’s Barkery! Many of you’ll messaged me and wanted to know more about me so here we go! My name is Gaargi and I run this bakery primarily out of love! I have done my MBA in Paris and was handling various luxury brands as a brand manager, was getting paid exceptionally well, however there was no soul satisfaction … then came Pacho! I have had dogs my whole life and after they passed away, I promised myself I wouldn’t get another one (the pain of losing is just too much to bear), but would end up getting one anyway ☺️ Getting back to Pacho, if you’ll follow him on Instagram you’ll know what a cute little brat he is … when he was about 3-4 months old, he had severe skin issues and ear infections, very common in older beagles but not in puppies … after many tests/trials doctors concluded that he has severe gluten allergy (celiac disorder), that’s when I started baking various gluten-free treats for Pacho .. slowly his skin improved and ear infection was gone! Slowly, his friend’s started asking me to make treats for them and via word of mouth, many dog parents came to me, I was still working with a brand and started the pet bakery on the side for my mother to handle! But as the orders increased, I took a leap of faith and dived into this bakery business! So far it has been a very pleasant experience and makes my heart happy! Sometimes, I take expert advice from my friends who have pet bakeries in HongKong, Japan and NewYork too! Every time I get a picture of the dog/cat relishing the goodies I bake, I find a purpose and immense happiness! So here is a huge thank you, to all those who have supported us! This is just the beginning ❤️

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According to her, “It is every pet family’s responsibility to fill the life of their little friends with love and care and celebrating their birthdays and special occasions with them, makes the best memories and these memories are irreplaceable”. So celebrate your pets birthdays with their healthy cakes.

With these words in their hearts and love in their soul, the Puplord’s Barkery aims to continue creating delicious and cute looking pet desserts with a deeper understanding of every pets needs.

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