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Govinda will grace The Kapil Sharma Show along with his wife Sunita and daughter Tina Ahuja. The show airs on weekends at 9 pm on Sony TV.

On Sunday, Bollywood star Govinda will grace The Kapil Sharma Show along with his wife Sunita and daughter Tina Ahuja. The family will be on the stage to promote Tina’s latest single “Milo Na Tum.” The song’s music composer Gajendra Verma will also join the team for a fun night. Govinda and his wife will also take on the stage to perform on some popular 90s chartbusters.

Govinda thanks Roshan Taneja, Saroj Khan and Ramji

Talking about his journey, Govinda will share that he is thankful to a few important people in his life. He will state that he learnt acting from Roshan Taneja, took dance lessons from Saroj Khan and practiced action with stunt master Ramji. Govinda will thank his mentors for shaping him. He will reveal that neither of them took a penny for their training. The actor, on his part, eventually paid them by serving with whatever he could.

Daughter Tina reveals Govinda’s secrets

Tina Ahuja will take the opportunity to reveal some fun anecdotes about her father. She will share that he is a ‘sleeping beauty’, who can sleep anywhere and at any time of the day. Tina will also reveal that Govinda takes the maximum time to get ready and is very conscious about his looks.

Govinda changed his name six times before entering Bollywood

Kapil Sharma will ask about the rumour that Govinda changed his names a number of times before entering Bollywood. The Bollywood star will confirm that he indeed changed his names six times before zeroing upon Govinda. He will reveal that his earlier names were Govind Ahuja, Govind Raj, Raj Govind and Arun Govind.

Govinda’s sleep woes

In a candid conversation with Kapil Sharma, Govinda will reveal that he hasn’t slept well in the last 25 years. He will share that as he was working continuously, he has now developed a habit of sleeping late by 2 am, and then waking in about a couple of hours. He will add that while work hasn’t let him sleep well, he indeed can catch a nap anywhere.

The Kapil Sharma Show airs on weekends at 9 pm on Sony TV.

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