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Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan also known as Salman Khan is the Bollywood superstar, who is very famous and his every film creates a new record of earning on the box office. He is currently 53 years old . His age is more than 50, but in terms of fitness and body, many new actors in the industry cannot beat him. Salman’s filmy career started in the year 1988, with the film ‘Biwi ho to aisi’, starring Rekha, Bindu and Farooq Sheikh in the lead roles. He is an bollywood actor, producer (under the banner of Salman Khan Productions), singer(famous for 2 songs: ‘Hangover and ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’) and television personality.

Salman has got many filmfare awards during his 32 year old filmy career.After his first film, salman had done ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’, which was a blockbuster and both salman and Bhagyashree made popular after the film.

Salman Khan had a good health since the beginning of his young age. Both the three brother Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz ali khan are passionate from an early age towards body building. Salman also shows his body in most of his films. Now everyone knows that to maintain such body fitness at this age, it is also necessary to have the right and proper diet necessary with hard work.

No one could ever reach such fitness without special diet. Today through this post we are going to tell you what is the secret of Salman Khan’s fitness.So lets start :

Inside this, we would also tell you exactly how much Salman spent on his 1 day food. Do you know that Salman does not eat spicy food and junk food at all. Yes! You heard it right he donot eat junk food like burgers,fries etc. Instead he starts his day with Lemon Honey Water. He takes such a food item, which includes a combination of protein and carbohydrate. Salman eats total 4 eggs in the begining of day.In morning breakfast omelet is mostly made, and it is the favorite of Salman.

If we look into the type of dishes Salman loves South Indian dishes. Because of this reason he eats most of the South Indian dish in his day meal and include it most of the times in his diet too. But Is salman khan donot eat northern food? No, He also takes North Indian food but only four days per week in his lunch. The rest of the week days, he eat his favourite South Indian dishes. Apart from eating eggs or omelet, Salman sometimes takes the Girish Fish and Salad in the lunch, which does not allow him to grow fat.

Also after this, Salman Khan also like to eat chicken in the dinner and salads if necessary. We have approximately found the value of salman’s one-day meal and this cost goes around Rs 8000, for making him fit and young.

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