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Shah Rukh Khan shared how he spent his early years in Delhi. He revealed that no matter how many years he has lived in Mumbai, Delhi will never go out of him.

At a recent press conference in the city, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that he wants his son AbRam to experience the festival of lights in Delhi. This year, Shah Rukh Khan celebrated the festival in Mumbai.

“I would love to spend Diwali here but there are a couple of parties back in Mumbai that we have to attend. That has become a culture. I have got AbRam here. I will take him around and show him how Delhi celebrates the festival as I believe be it Diwali, Holi or Dussehra, it is celebrated in the best manner here. Maybe it is my own thinking but yes, now that he is old enough, I want him to experience that,” SRK said.

Shah Rukh reminisced the time when he used to borrow his uncle’s Vespa to impress Gauri Khan.

He recollected, “Till the time I was in Delhi, the only memory I can recall is of roaming around with friends like ‘Dilli ka launda’. My wife Gauri used to live in Panchsheel back then. So, for her, I have roamed around here a lot. I would be on a cycle most of the time but when I had to impress Gauri a bit much, I would borrow my uncle’s Vespa.”

The 53-year-old said it’s sometimes still unbelievable for him that he’s become an actor. “Genuinely, I never thought I would ever become an actor. I always say that some of the things that you don’t think about will happen to you, and they are the best things in your life, you just don’t know it yet. So, wherever you are and whatever you are trying, I believe, a lot of things are yet to happen. So never blame the time, the life you are living because you just don’t know how beautiful life is going to be.”

“I don’t want to say it but I am genuinely a dream come true. I am a lower middle class boy, an orphan, who got into the city of glamour, became a movie star and the world showered me with love. This only happens in dreams. I never thought of it, I still have a hard time believing it. I repeat, I never think of myself as a star,” he shared.

Sharing his one memory that flashes through his eyes whenever he visits Delhi, Shah Rukh remembered his late mother and father. “Whenever I sit on a plane to come to Delhi, be it for a day or for a couple of hours, the one thought I have is that my mother and father are here. I go and visit them at the graveyard late in the night,” Shah Rukh shared.

Shah Rukh added that while people always tell him that he has become a Mumbaikar, Shah Rukh believes Delhi can never leave him because his parents live here.

“People often tell me that I have become a Mumbaikar but I don’t know how to express that Delhi can never go out of me because my parents are here and that is the biggest memory for me. I left Delhi after my mother passed away. So, I feel like I have their blessings with me. Sometimes I do get lazy and take their blessings from far away because you know they are parents, they will understand. I understand too when my kids don’t meet me long but yes, the only thing I get extremely nostalgic is about them.” Shah Rukh concluded.


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