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While Vietnam’s Nguyen Thi Yen Trang won the ‘Miss Asia’ title, Samiksha Singh from India draw home a sub-title — that of ‘Miss Beautiful Face’.

Serbia’s Sara Damnjanovic has been crowned ‘Miss Asia Global 2019’ at the international beauty contest held currently in Kochin, Kerala. Although Vietnam’s Nguyen Thi Yen Trang won the ‘Miss Asia’ title, Samiksha Singh from India draw home the sub-title of ‘Miss Beautiful Face’. Dr Ajit Ravi, the Founder Chairman of the Miss Asia Global, said, “The event was administered to showcase the rich culture of the country and to advocate its tourism sector.”

Miss Asia Global, one of the finest beauty pageants from the house of Pegasus, targets to find the most beautiful and brilliant women from all over the globe. Miss Asia Global – in addition Miss South India and Miss Queen of India, also operated by Ajit Ravi Pegasus – is the only other beauty celebration in the country which does not have a bikini and other identical rounds.

The grooming session of the program inaugurate on October 25 at the Saj Earth Resort, Ernakulam. It was directed by famous personalities from the modelling and fashion sector. The national costume, black cocktail and the white gown rounds were the three main acts in the program. The panel of judges composed renowned personalities from the beauty and fashion industries, such as Christine Huang, Hari Anand, Alice Lee Chan, Rajeev Pillai and Rita Martin. The chief guest for the occasion was YB Yeoh Soon Hin, the tourism minister of Penang, Malaysia.

Leeseul Kim from Korea and Jeanyeer Ozbot from the Philippines were rewarded the ‘Miss Asia Global first’ and ‘Miss Asia Global second runner up’ titles, respectively. Nguyen, Miss Asia 2019, was crowned by Honey Tianmia, who was Miss Asia 2017, while Sara was congratulated by Assem Yessengeldiyeva, who was the Miss Asia Global 2018.


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