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Sayani Gupta shared how she, her co-star Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub and writer Gaurav Solanki approached one of the most talked about scenes from Anubhav Sinha’s Article 15, featuring Nishad and Gaura.

There can be a romanticism in revolution. And one of the most talked about scenes from Article 15, featuring Nishad and Gaura proved why revolutionaries can also be the most beautiful lovers, even if they don’t express themselves directly.

Anubhav Sinha’s critically acclaimed movie Article 15 is loaded with various sequences that are raw, hard-hitting and give a reality check. But this particular scene, featuring Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub (Nishad) and Sayani Gupta (Gaura) makes an impact because of the unrequited love between them.

In a recent conversation with indianexpress.com, Sayani shared how she, her co-star Zeeshan and Article 15 writer Gaurav Solanki approached the scene. Sayani’s Gaura gave the perspective of the problem from inside the system.

“That moment was very important because somebody (Nishad) who has dedicated his life to a cause, what does he do when he is vulnerable. That scene had so many drafts and versions but Gaurav (Solanki), Zeeshan and I were on the same page. We did not shoot it till later in the schedule. I would get after Gaurav’s life. Even in my sleep, I would be thinking about how I would do it, maybe we should say this,” Sayani said.

“An evening before we were supposed to shoot that scene, at the dinner table Anubhav (Sinha) sir kept saying ‘Just stay quiet, I’ll do it!’ He asked all three of us to sit together and write this scene. So Gaurav, Zeeshan and I went to my room and started talking. People who do social service inspire me, and that really always makes me question about their personal lives, like do they have a light moment, are they able to give time to their loved ones and do they have a lover and all of that. And I thought at this point, Nishad should be vulnerable because this is the only moment where you see him like a child in front of a mother. He doesn’t have to be this strong person with a big stature. He is at his most vulnerable, so what do they talk about then and those ideas stayed with us. Then Gaurav came up with what if I got like just five minutes with someone and know what’s going to happen the next day? So that’s how it sort of came about.”

Recalling how her old association with Zeeshan helped both the actors ease out during the scene, Sayani shared, “It was really weird because Zeeshan and I have known each other for a decade now. We have immense fondness for each other. Even when I came to Bombay, he was one of the seniors who would meet you for coffee and tell you what’s happening around. We’ve been talking for years that we need to work together.”

“We had a lot of time setting up that house and Anubhav sir had this beautiful Begum Akhtar music, so the mood was beautiful. The first time we did the lines together, we both were like ‘oh my god, something has happened!’ Sir never gives any directions, he’s like just do it! But he takes good actors whom he gives that leeway. So that’s how the scene happened and we just took one take. We had a field day!” Sayani shared.

Article 15 will have its world TV premiere on October 19 on &pictures at 8PM.

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