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They guarantee to offer some much-needed relief.

The weather is changing, and with it, a host of viral infections are waiting to attack. And if you have been feeling under the weather lately, chances are, a pesky virus has made its way into your body. While you cannot do much about it at this stage, you can take some measures to make sure the situation doesn’t worsen for you. After all, who enjoys being sick and homebound?

So, here are things that you can do, well within the precinct of your house, to fight the most-annoying of all feelings — sore throat.

Saltwater gargle

This promises to provide some relief from the pain. Mix a tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water and wait for it to dissolve, before gargling. This is the oldest trick in the book which is pretty effective too, as it increases the blood flow to the throat and helps fight the infection.


Viruses love being in cold environments. By increasing the humidity in your room, you might be able to get rid of the infection; or at least get some guaranteed relief. It also reduces dryness of the throat which helps relieve the pain.

Lemon and honey

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and a little bit of honey with warm water and sip on it. The acidity of the lemon juice encourages production of saliva which helps with the dryness of throat.

Heating pad

As mentioned earlier, heat helps a great deal to fight with the viral infection. So wrap the throat area with a warm flannel or apply a heating pad. This will increase the blood flow, which in turn will give some relief from the pain.

Pop a pill

This is easiest thing you can do. There are many over-the-counter medicines available. Make sure you have some in your house. But do consult a doctor first.



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