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Karwa Chauth 2019 Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Samagri, Mantra, Timings: Karwa Chauth puja muhurat is between 05.51 pm and 07.06 pm, and the Karwa Chauth upavasa time is between 06.23 am and 08.17 pm. Moonrise will be observed around 08.17 pm.

Karwa Chauth 2019 Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Samagri, Mantra, Timings: A traditional Hindu festival, Karwa Chauth is celebrated during the Krishna Paksha Chaturthi of the Hindu month of Kartik. Traditionally, women fast on the day and pray for their husbands’ long and healthy life.

The origins of the festival can be traced back to the Mahabharata when Savitri had begged Lord Yama, the God of Death, for her husband’s soul. In another episode, Arjuna had gone to the hills to meditate for a few days. Worried about his safe return, his wife Draupadi had sought Krishna’s help, who had advised her to observe a strict fast, similar to the one observed by Goddess Parvati for her husband Lord Shiva. Soon, Arjuna had returned home safely.

On this day, women wake up early in the morning to eat sargi, which is a traditional meal they receive from their mothers-in-law. It is only when the moon rises that they perform further rituals and break their day-long fast. After their bath, they have to take the pledge or sankalp to observe the fast earnestly, for the well-being of husbands and families.

It is also recited during the sankalp that the fasting would happen without any food or water, and the fast would be broken only after the sighting of the moon. Once the puja is done, the karwa or pot is given as charity to a Brahmin or another eligible woman. It should be filled with water, and milk and precious stones or coins should be dropped in it.

This year, the festival will be celebrated on October 17, which is a Thursday.

According to Drik Panchang, the Karwa Chauth puja muhurat is between 05.51 pm and 07.06 pm, and the Karwa Chauth upavasa time is between 06.23 am and 08.17 pm. The moonrise will be observed around 08.17 pm. 


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