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More often than not, people tend to hold back on refurbishing assuming it would leave them on the skids financially with so many other expenditures lined up during this festive season.

With Diwali right around the corner, an urge to spruce up the esthetical vibe of one’s home is always on their conscience. It is only the biggest of all Indian festivals after all! More often than not, people tend to hold back on refurbishing assuming it would leave them on the skids financially with so many other expenditures lined up during this festive season.

Some resort to quick fixes that might tamper the elegance of their homes while others simply clean up the clutter in case of sudden guest appearances. Although, this doesn’t have to be the case – not this time. Why suppress your inner artisan when you could literally give your home the makeover it needs, all within a budget?

“Elegance is truly achieved with minimalism. But this isn’t to say that you can’t have show or glitz in your decor at all. The best way to maintain the perfect balance between elegance and glam is to pick one single object or corner in every room and have only this be the focus of attention. For example, if you pick the centre table to be the focus of your living room, try and get creative with it. An eye-catching sculptural item like a family heirloom along with a vase with your favourite blooms is sometimes all that’s needed to complete that coffee table. To take things to the next level, you could also add in a duo of candelabras to theme your living room elements together in glamorous harmony with the Festival of Lights”, says Gita Ramanan, CEO and Co-founder of Design Cafe.

Let see how you can make your home look terrific this Diwali without having to break the bank.

Embellished walls

While expensive furniture can give your house the fancy it needs, there are plenty of other alternatives that work just as well. Dressing up even one plain wall in every room with either texture paint, picturesque frames placed abstractly or a chic white and gold (rose-gold/dull-gold are best picks) wallpaper will do wonders to a room.

You don’t even have to consider getting your entire home repainted. Alternatively, mirrors could be another such budget-friendly item replacing other works of wall art. You could use them to add some shimmer and light or mix and match styles to bring elegance and personality the smallest of spaces.

DIY your decor

Easy DIY tricks that could literally transform your bedroom are almost always zero-cost. You could frame together pieces of fabric to create a tapestry, create a mosaic backsplash with a few broken tiles and even have white plates hung on your wall with or without decorating them. Narrow passageways can be festooned with beautiful mirrors that are easily available at thrift shops to give the passageway an illusion of looking wider than usual.

Go for a cosy corner

Place a rug in a room that lacks appeal, and voila! Along with being absolutely budget-friendly, the perfect area rug is capable of anchoring a room and bringing in just the warmth it needs. Note that while picking an area rug for your living room, colour is more important that pattern. You could either go with a calming blue/green and a light neutral colour like beige or grey or go full-on bohemian-style with brighter yet soothing pastel colours- in any case, make sure it blends in well with the rest of the space.

Rearrange home settings 

You can give your entire home the make-over it needs by simply rearranging your belongings. Create extra space in your living room, for example, by moving any extra side table that seems to add to clutter straight to your bedroom. Re-arrange the books in your bookshelf according to colour and height, reposition your sofa set or simply group together items on your coffee table onto a wooden basket-shaped holder to make your home look neater than ever.

Glam up the vibe with glorious gold

Gold is another affair you could never go wrong with. If a room looks too dull for the season, you could easily amp up its stylishness by adding a little gold here and there. This could either be a gold vase, gold picture frames, cushion covers or gold framed mirrors even. Use playful yellow lamps to accentuate the gold, not making it look too flashy. A combination of two or more pieces of golden furniture in the room could really accentuate its royalty.


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