Suddenly your skin feels agitated and dry, and the worst would be if you have a pimple popping out after you get down at the airport.

The idea of travelling might appear very appealing and relaxing, but the effect it has on the skin is something that most people hate, thanks to long flights and changes in temperature. Suddenly, your skin feels agitated and dry, and it’s a nightmare to have a pimple popping up after you get down at the airport.

For all Instagrammers, who can’t stop themselves from posing their check-in pictures, here are some tips to keep in mind.

* On the flight, make sure you’ve removed all your makeup. Products like liquid foundations, blush, contour when mixed with the still air along with a lack of humidity create the perfect storm to leave pores clogged.

* Ideally, clean your face with an oil-based cleanser or wipe. You can pile on hydrating essences and serums and top it all off with moisturisers and sunscreen if at all you want to use products on your face.
* The stale air circulating will suck out all the moisture in your skin even in an hour-long flight so for international flights, it’s a good idea to reapply small amounts of moisturiser a few times.

* Massive schedule changes and jet lag can make way for pimples. So, if time permits, try and relax your body.

* Ideally, when you’d be traveling try to go for a regular skincare regimen.

* Going for meal-prepped chicken and veggies or just putting every delicious thing you see into your mouth will take a toll on your face.

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