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There are a few motion pictures in the Hollywood film industry that were truly reviled as in numerous awful rates occurred during the shoot of these movies. The things which we gonna discuss now actually indicated that these movies were really cursed Also some terrible things continued occurring with the cast and team, let us examine them.

1. The Exorcist – This movie was released 46 years ago back in the year 1973. It was considered as one of the most terrifying movie at any point made, individuals had odd dreams in the wake of watching the movie. Even one person who purchased ticket of the film and was sitting alone in the theatre passed on watching this film alone because of heart attack.

2) The Conjuring – This film depends on evident occasions and it is additionally extremely unnerving, during the shoot of the film numerous things happened which had no clarification, cast and team individuals wanted to drop the agreement and leave shooting, even the primary lead on-screen character unmistakably felt that somebody was in his room who was continuously watching and living with him.

3) Superman – 4 parts of the film was released between the years from 1978 – 1995. The direction cast who were in the group routinely experienced unusual rates and some of them died. The on-screen character who played the role of superman got a mysterious death. His name was ‘George Reeves’, who tumbled off when he was riding a horse and broke his spine and passed on in the wake of going through 9 years on the wheel chair.

4) Possession – This movie also take place when it comes to the list of most horrifying movies in the industry. People called this film cursed because many people from the cast experienced bad happenings, like set of other movies its shooting sets also caught fire many times without any reason and the incidents kept on happening even after the shooting of the movie.

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