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Wondering how is it possible to do away with plastic? Here are some easy ways to get rid of plastic while switching to eco-friendly methods.

Increasing efforts by the government and different agencies towards phasing out single-use plastic by the year 2022 has garnered so much spotlight that the push for sustainability has started dominating drawing room conversations. Even PM Narendra Modi mentioned the need to do away with plastic while plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram on the sidelines of an informal summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Wondering how is it possible to do away with plastic? Here are some easy ways to get rid of plastic while switching to eco-friendly methods.

1. Give up bottled water

Even making bottled water requires tremendous resources for extraction. Instead, one can choose a reusable stainless steel bottle or stainless steel travel mug to fill it up with water before leaving their house and refill it later.

2. Carry your own containers for take-out food and leftovers

Even though it might seem absurd at first, a small effort can help prevent wastage of resources, including food. Instead of getting food packaged in plastic, opt for your own non-plastic container like a steel box.

3. Do away with ice-cream plastic containers

Instead of keeping containers of ice cream packs, pick bricks or cones that can easily be consumed. Ice-cream cones require zero container or utensil waste.

4. Stop using plastic straws

If you have to use a straw, purchase reusable stainless steel ones.

5. Reusable shopping bag

A single plastic bag can take 1,000 years to degrade. Purchase or make your own reusable produce bag. Just make sure to wash them often.

6. Say no to disposable razor

Use a razor with replaceable blades so that you can use it for a long time.

7. Avoid frozen items as much as possible

Most of the frozen foods have plastic packaging because it increases the processed foods’ durability. So, it is better to avoid frozen foods as much as possible.

8. Shop your local farmers market

Farmers’ markets are a great way to buy fresh, local produce as long as you remember to bring your own bags. Normally, the fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets don’t even have those little plastic stickers on them.

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