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Hema Malini – “I am a Naani (maternal grandmother) all over again,”. After hours of wait by both dharmendra and dream girl hema malini both had got a big gift from their older daughter Esha Deol after she gave birth to her second daughter.

The ‘Fantasy Girl’ portrayal has Hemaji in parts. She said “Thoda zyada lagta hai (it’s excessively) at my age to be called that. Be that as it may, truly, I’ve had a fantasy life. I did all that I needed to without dread or restraint. Also, today, I am a glad grandma multiple times over. I couldn’t have requested more,” the on-screen character says, grinning.

Remembering her questionable marriage with bollywood superstar Dharmendra, Hemaji says, “I think it worked in light of the fact that we did it for affection and just love. There was just the shared inclination.

We didn’t consider anything like what world says or anything else. If we had ever thought of the consequences, we would probably never have gotten married. I never went into the marriage with desires or pre-conditions, just for affection.

She also added that Luckily Dharamji’s family showed tremendous dignity to them. She said-“I am blessed to have three lovely grandchildren. Esha already had an adorable daughter and now she has another adorable daughter. The two little sisters look so beautiful with each other. And then there is my younger daughter Ahana’s son. He is my Lord Krishna. So playful!”

Hemaji however told that she wants to spend much time with her grandkids as could reasonably be expected. “I had stepped away for a while from my responsibility in my supporters (Mathura) to be with Esha for her delivery. Presently I will come back to Mathura on the grounds that there is so much work pending. My second term in Mathura will be busier than the main term. I’ve made numerous guarantees to the general population of Mathura, and I expect to satisfy them in the following five years.”

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