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Bigg Boss 13’s Dalljiet Kaur enjoyed her experience in the Bigg Boss house, but she shared that her nomination process was very unfair.

On Saturday, television actor Dalljiet Kaur got evicted from Bigg Boss 13. Along with Rashami Desai , Shehnaaz Gill  ,Dalljiet and Koena Mitra, were nominated this week. Host Salman Khan, while eliminating Dalljiet, also informed the audience that another contestant among the nominated one will get evicted on Sunday.

For Dalljiet, her early exit from Bigg Boss 13 came as a shocker. Stating her displeasure, the actor, in an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com shared, “It doesn’t feel good at all. I am not happy with my elimination and was not expecting it at all. I am shocked and sad that someone who was showing real emotions and making real connections was evicted so soon. I really deserved more time. As for the experience, it was an interesting one. It’s really not easy to survive with so many fake people around.”

While she enjoyed her experience, she also shared that her nomination process was very unfair. According to her “It was absolutely a biased one”. Shefali Bagga used her tricks with Siddhartha Dey, who fell for the same. He even went on to compare himself with Shivaji maharaj and my son. It was actually funny, and it feels strange to be evicted because of this unfair nomination. I don’t think I will ever forgive him.”

In her short stint in the controversial reality show, Dalljiet presented a calm and matured personality. Many expected her to play the sympathy card in regards to her divorce with actor Shaleen Bhanot or being a single mother to six-year-old Jaydon. However, Dalljiet came across as an intelligent and strong woman, who believed in taking a stand for herself and her friends. The audience though felt that she did not provide enough entertainment as she wasn’t visible much in the episodes.

When asked if she regrets not playing the game, the 36-year-old said, “Not at all. I have been in the industry for a long time, and have done some really good roles. The last one was even a negative lead. So it would actually have been easier for me to act and portray myself as someone else. But I did not want to do that. I could have wept in corners remembering Jaydon or gained sympathy by talking about my divorce. But I wanted to project the real Dalljiet, who is strong and confident. As for not being visible, people would fake fights, and I did not want to get involved in that. Now in hindsight, I do feel I could have but I have no regrets.

The Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega actor also had an interesting take on her fellow housemates, who according to her, came well prepared on the show. She said, “.Most contestants have been on reality shows and know exactly how to play the game. They very smartly stirred up a romance, which in the second week turned into a fight. And if not a breakup, they will soon create a love triangle. So everything for them is very calculated and they have created a new character for themselves on the show. I am someone who believes in real connection, and that takes time to form. I am sure if I would have stayed longer, it would have become an interesting journey.”

Before entering the show, Dalljiet had told us that she wanted to make her son proud of her journey. When quizzed on Jaydon’s reaction to her eviction, she said, “I reached home early in the morning after finishing the protocols. It was really cute as Jaydon was sleeping and when I hugged him he asked if the competition was over. When I told him yes, and I couldn’t win, he just smiled to ask if I enjoyed myself. I think that’s the moral of my life. I may not have won Bigg Boss 13 but I did enjoy it.”

Dalljiet Kaur’s quick takes:

Who according to you in the Bigg Boss 13 house is…

A player: That’s a long list. Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill know it all, even Siddhartha Dey. I think everyone is playing a game.

Undeserving: To start off, it has to be Shefali Bagga. She has no real connections in the house, everything is a calculated move. Even Siddhartha Dey and Paras Chhabra don’t deserve to be around.

A drama queen: Shehnaaz Gill

Most friendly: Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Mahira Sharma, Arti Singh and Rashami Desai.

Real: Sidharth Shukla and all the girls I just mentioned.

The probable winner: Sidharth Shukla

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