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Saumya Tandon is an famous Tv actress  mostly known for her character of ‘Anita Bhabi’ in the & TV show ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’. Most of us have seen that she had joined the show after a long break due to her pregnancy.She and  her husband Saurabh Devendra Singh had became parents few months ago. Saumya gave birth to a baby boy.

After giving birth to a child like every other mother saumya had gained some fat on her body. But after few months now Saumya has started looking much more beautiful than earlier after becoming a mother. Most of her fans are shocked that how she has lost all the post pregnancy fat in just 4 months. She had done the same thing which the bollywood actress Kareena kapoor did few year ago.

According to Saumya, She had worked a lot on her fitness after her baby so as to get back in perfect shape. Saumya also added that she didn’t compromised with her diet though and most of the people don’t know that it is the reason behind the extra glow on her face.

Saumya is currently 34 years of age but hardly looks more than 20. She had joined the show back. Are you Anita bhabhi Aka Saumya’s fan … If Yes ? Then what are you waiting for … Comment now and share your thoughts.

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