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A netizen submitted that actor Anil Kapoor should take up the post of Maharashtra Chief Minister like his wobble combatant in Nayak.

Delay in formation of government in Maharashtra due to power struggle between the Shiv Sena and the BJP is churning out miscellaneous scenarios, with the latest being a amusing wish by a netizen who submitted that actor Anil Kapoor take up the post like his wobble combatant in Nayak.

However, the actor on Sunday said he was good as an actor and not a politician.

“I like any political hero working for his country,” he told reporters after attending a function here.

When asked about a fan taking to twitter and comically submitting that Kapoor be made the next chief minister of Maharashtra, the actor replied that he was good as a “nayak”.

In the 2001 movie, Kapoor who played the role of a television reporter obtains the challenge to become the chief minister for one day.

The BJP and the Sena are locked in a struggle, mainly over the sharing of the chief minister’s post.

Formal talks between both the ruling parties cannot take off even ten days after the poll verdict delivered them a very comfortable victory.


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