Amitabh bachchan twitter hack photos
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Amitabh bachchan twitter hack photos
Amitabh bachchan twitter hack photo

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s official Twitter account was hacked today, with those behind the digital assault totally changing his biodata. Hackers also changed his profile photograph, spread photograph and Twitter bio text. Mr Bachchan’s profile photograph was changed to that of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan as you can see in the pic above.

Two unique tweets were posted too, labeling the Pakistan head alongside his photograph, saying “Love Pakistan”. The tweets were went with emoticons of Pakistan and Turkey’s banners. Mr Bachchan’s profile was altered to state a similar thing too.

The tweet read: “The Indian State, who mercilessly attacks the Muslims fasting in the month of Ramadan, is attacking the Ummah Muhammad in this age! Indian Muslims are entrusted to us by Abdulhamid.”

amitabh bachan hacked account tweet

The Second tweet reads: “This is an important call to the whole world! We do condemn the irrespective behaviors of Iceland republic towards Turkish footballers. We speak softly but carry a big stick and inform you about the big Cyber attack here. As Ayyldz Tim Turkish Cyber Armny +++”


tweet number 2 amitabh hacked account twitter

At first look, the hack appears to have been completed by at least one Turkish gatherings.

Another tweet posted by the programmers from Mr Bachchan’s record called to “denounce the practices of Iceland republic towards Turkish footballers”.

Anyway here comes the biggest questions about security on social media sites. If Even big accounts are not safe then what about small accounts of people.

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