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Parenting can be a task, we know that especially in today’s day and age, when we all have careers, homes and families to juggle. If you’re just planning to start a family the whole thing can feel even more stressful. But these 5 Indian mommy bloggers can solve your problem with some amazing tips and stories.

While the joy of having a baby trumps everything, there are details that many young couples struggle with. But don’t worry, we’ve curated a list of the top mommy bloggers in India who are relatable and understand the nuances of parenthood.

1. Priyanka Mallik


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Before my baby, I didn’t know that I was capable of this fierce and overprotective love which involved continuously thinking about another person. Awake or asleep, this constant subconscious ticking of our Mom-vigilance is an amazing skill, no doubt, but having this surveillance camera switched on, for twenty-four hours a day, every day drains our mind and body, doesn’t it? Especially as a new mom, we are so sleep deprived and yet our mind and body overworks and goes into a frenzy, to protect that tiny soul. Being a mom is the hardest yet the least appreciated job. Nevertheless, it’s still the most fulfilling project in the world! That being said, what we mothers need is a lot of appreciation and self-care! Actually not just moms, everybody. We all need some time to look after ourselves, treat our minds and body with love and pamper ourselves. Putting ourselves first for an hour a day and sticking to it religiously doesn’t make us a selfish person. That one hour a day gives me a taste of freedom and makes me love myself, my body for all it’s been through. It helps me be appreciative of others and be grateful. Household chores can wait, cooking can wait, we can always order in and even a baby can wait. For me, the first step was letting go of the guilt and worry. For a working mother, the guilt is at an all-time high! I am already away from my child, how dare I go and workout for an hour. We moms are conditioned to feel that it’s our duty to sacrifice ourself whenever need be. Motherhood is envisioned to be that ultimate selfless job in which you are obligated to look happy and in-control-of-things. But what if, we aren’t. There’ll be days when we achieve to strike off all that is in our To-do list and there will be days when we can’t do a single one. We are not our own competition. We are a league of new-era supermoms. We know to love, deeply and intensely. Love ourselves, our partners and our babies. Self-care is not a privilege, it’s a necessity. Cause, in the end, a happy mom is the secret of a happy home! . . . . . . . . . . #happymom #indianmomblogger #indianmombloggers #indianmommyblogger #momlife #momtribe #mombloggerindia #momblogger #mom #tbt

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Priyanka has one of the freshest writing styles in the blogging scene right now. A Software Engineer by profession, She always had the flair for writing. She blog’s at Fifatra about fighting the post partum depression, fighting post partum body shaming and sharing over all joys of motherhood.

2. Monika Manchanda

OMG! We can smell the flavour of her food from our screen. This mommy and chef extraordinaire will inspire you to cook amazing dishes for your little ones. Anything related to food always gets a thumbs up from us!

3. Shweta Ganesh Kumar


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My parents left today. I was standing at the supermarket checkout counter with my basket of chocolate ice-cream and popcorn, sobbing mentally and avoiding eye contact when I felt someone line up behind me. It was an elderly gentleman with a bottle of juice. Much as I wanted to avoid talking of any sort, I asked him to go ahead. He looked at me for a few seconds, refused and then agreed on my insistence. After he paid, he turned to me with a brilliant smile, thanked me again and left. And even though this was but an encounter that took less than 5 minutes, I felt warm inside. His smile made the couple of extra minutes of queuing up worth it. I could feel the beginning of a smile and I decided to hold on to the feeling as long as I could. I looked up at the slightly sullen cashier. She had the most exquisitely painted nails – each nail was a different shade. Shimmering gold, frosted silver, neon pink, canary yellow and white. After I had bagged my things, I tapped her shoulder, pointed at her nails and said, “Your nails are so beautiful” and mimed pretty with my hands to get the point across. Like this “👌🏽” Her face cracked open with a toothy smile. She nodded at me as I waved and left. I’d passed on the warmth and I hope she will too. Sometimes, it’s not about life-changing acts, sometimes even the most random act of kindness can help make a difference. And sometimes, the person who benefits most from it is the person who does it. While I’m still going to dig into my popcorn and ice-cream, the simple act of making two strangers smile has made me feel a tad more cheerful already. So, if like me you too are feeling low, why not go out and selfishly do a random act of kindness? As small as it may be, I’m sure it will leave you feeling a lot better. 💛 #randomactsofkindness #timesofamma

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This young mommy and her blog ‘Times Of Amma‘ is everything uplifting you need to see in the day. She finds extraordinary stories of ordinary women and shares it with the world and also writes about her two kids.

4. Simrun Chopra


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SUPERFOODS My expression when someone says they’re on a SUPERFOODS diet !!! Few marketing gimmicks can be expressed in one word, but “superfood” manages it. It is such an appealing idea: that some foods are healthy, some unhealthy and some superhealthy. Why change your habits, when you can correct them by adding goji berries? Why settle for boring old good health, when quinoa can make you superhealthy? These words work because they offer the IDEA of a quick magic fix. Fancy diets, fancy ingredients, detox drinks that claim to magically melt fat & cure you of all disease. THEY DON’T WORK. what is a super food ? Nearly every fresh produce is a super food. Don’t believe me, pick any local vegetable & Google it’s nutrional value. If you really want a non gimmicky super food diet – try this 1. Eat a variety of fresh fruits & vegetables – variety meaning not just carrot beans & potatoes. 2. Eat local,eat seasonal – fruits & vegetables are best consumed in the season & region they grow. Look for local produce. You don’t need a California apple. A Shimla apple is just fine. If you notice it’s not available all year round 3. Grains / legumes / lentils – eat a variety throw the week Every single thing has its own unique concoction of micro nutrients ( vitamins + minerals) Of course the new super foods are also healthy & nutrionally dense. However just adding one so called superfood will do nothing for your health. People on my program eat idlis, dosa, roti, rice, biryani and pav bhaji too. Their Pcos corrects, they feel better and they lose weight – how ? The magic is in simplicity. It would be easier for me to get on the bandwagon and promote this concept. But that’s not me. Health and nutrition is a very complex subject. Always evolving. Our bodies are different and how we react to each food is different. There is only one thing we know for certain – if you eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit & vegetables AND do regular exercise, you are sorted. And if you don’t, no superfood will save you. I’m going to out up some fun facts about SUPERFOODS in my stories – stay tuned. Was this helpful ? Is there a food you want clarity on ?

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For any mommies looking for some fitness inspiration, Simrun is the one to follow. Her diet, fitness regime and her personal journey of motherhood are what makes everyone love her.

5. Mala Tulsiani

This lady and her adorable baby girl are winning our hearts with their adorable pictures and travel diaries. Mala reviews products and baby fashion too so if you’re looking to shop, you will find lots of info on her blog too.

So don’t worry if you’re planning on starting a family, cause these bloggers have got your back.

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