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Why Cue’s Ticket is a big hit

Why Cue who started with a simple mic and camera and became a well known rapper came with a new song “Ticket”. Why Cue also worked with Lil B and produced many hits with him. He had really worked hard to get here. Ticket which is a new big hit on youtube and other platforms is all because of his hard work and passion for music.

Why Cue

Why Cue has been involved in music for over a decade now. His work is loved in India too. His song is produced by his partner Roswell Gray & Shot by Why Cue, himself. The Pluto duo puts together a new sound under self made Pluto E.N.T (Entertainment) which is a self made label created by the duo which can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Why Cue is currently affiliated with Sha-Pow Gang (#SPG) an independent music group created by CEO Jurrarri who was once signed with Shawty Lo.


According to Why Cue, although he respects a wide variety of musical artists, he considers Ice Cube & Micheal Jackson as his biggest inspiration. The moves by the song’s cast are giving some serious dancing goals.

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