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Late Kavi Kumar Azad of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah risked his health for work? His doctor reveals shocking details

The sudden demise of TV actor Late Kavi Kumar Azad aka Dr Haathi from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma has shocked everyone. He was one of the most genuine person in the industry. He was just 46, gone too soon, his fans say. He will continue to live on, in our memories.

His doctor Muffi Lakdawalla makes a shocking unknown fact. In fact, despite the doctor warning him to lose weight for his own survival, Kavi told him that he goes thin then he won’t get work.

In interaction with SpotBoye, Kavi Kumar’s doctor Muffi reveals, “I operated him about 8 years ago. He was brought to me almost dead. He had collapsed on the sets, but before collapsing he had told the people around him, ‘Take me to Dr Muffi’. Actually, he had come to me a couple of times before that. I had advised him bariatric surgery, but he never returned to get it done. He weighed 265 kg then. And obviously with that weight, you cannot go on. I couldn’t take him off the ventilator because he was so big that he couldn’t breathe properly. After few days, he was fine and had reduced to 140 kg. He went back on the sets and resumed his normal life.

Late Kavi Kumar Azad aka Dr hathi

Talking about his adamant behaviour to stay overweight, the doctor added, ” I had advised him a second surgery, which would have brought him down to about 90 kg. Thereafter, he would have had no obesity, only have to maintain his weight. His dad or brother used to accompany him. I had explained to them also. But doesn’t worth of it, Kavi just did not agree. He would say I have to remain fat, so that I continue to look fat on screen. He said he won’t get work if he becomes thin. I yet insisted for the second surgery and told him that he can use padding on his body when he faces the camera. I told him that otherwise he was risking his life. But he didn’t listen. He said: “How will I pad up my face? If I reduce, I will lose weight on face too. And then, I won’t get work.” In fact, I met him  once after this and realised that he put on 20 kg back. I think he had become 160 kg. Again I warned him, but his argument was the same despite telling him that “the last thing I want to hear is that you have again gone down that way.” After that, we lost contact.”

Late Kavi Kumar Azad breathed his last on July 9, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

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