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Do you believe that Sanjay Dutt touch Urvashi Rautela inappropriately in this picture? ‘Where is sanju’s hand?’

Did Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt touch Actress Urvashi Rautela inappropriately in this photo?

Yesterday, Bollywood hot actress Urvashi Rautela shared an image on her Instagram page that shows her sharing a frame with Sanjay Dutt. The image received plenty of comments, however principally unpleasant, as several Fans of urvashi felt that Sanjay touched urvashi unsuitably when some person was clicking the photo.

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Apparently, Urvashi and Sanjay were along during a flight (as seen in the background).Urvashi was looking smoking hot and dazzling in her red dress, whereas Sanju Dutt appeared raffish during a blue jacket, white shirt and jeans.

While the both looked happy inquiring for the clicking, Sanju’s method of holding Urvashi didn’t go down well with several.Many people trolled this and commented on the photo expressing concern on the sanju’s hand positioning over urvashi rautela.

Many people on social media felt that Sanju instead of holding her, placed his hand too on the brink of Urvashi’s private part whereas some trolled sanju with relevancy to his biopic, during which he has been delineated as a Womeniser, some others powerfully expressed disgust at the method sanjay dutt touched  Urvashi with.

Also, There ar several comments like “Where is Sanjay’s hand”. Some other Alternative comments are also there too which look too obscene if we mention it here. Some people try to defend the 2 stars, by telling that that Sanjay might need meant to merely hold her waist, however terminated up holding her in “inappropriate” method because of the distinction tallness and it is right also.

At last what we think on this topic is that Social media is a cruel place, and trolling has become too common currently.We respect sanju baba and this is nothing bad here .

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