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Some Interesting Facts about Acting

You are here let me guess ! because you may ant to be an actor/actress. Right ? You are at right place !!! If you love Bollywood and want to be a part of this fantastic Film industry, You may think that actors or actresses are always rich, but you are wrong here ! Yes ! Thats true ! You may have listened about some happenings wth the super stars that led to heavy loans on them. From Amitabh Bachan to Shahrukh Khan, all had struggled alot and sometimes even after…

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Top 10 Acting Schools in Mumbai in 2018

Mumbai, The dream city of India. Here every day thousands of newcomers come to city to become an Actor. This dreamland of India has fulfilled the dreams of many who established themselves and achieved success. This city had produced many stars who once entered the city as nobody but now they are Superstars of Bollywood. If you also want to fulfill your dream of becoming an Actor, You should join an acting institute in Mumbai, Your hardwork will make it happen. In old days, just a good face helps the newcomers…

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Boney Kapoor opens up first time about the night Sridevi drowned in the bathtub in her Dubai hotel room!

As the puzzle around Sridevi’s sudden destruction a week ago proceeded with, her significant other and film maker Boney Kapoor has opened up – maybe out of the blue to a companion – about his unscheduled outing to see his better half in Dubai, how they embraced and kissed when he amazed her  with his surprise visit and how he discovered her lying in a bath brimming with water without a drop of water spilling out. Boney has described the “itemized record of what precisely happened on the game changing…

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